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The most important ingredient at the cook-off is the chili contestant. We appreciate the time, money and effort that go into your team's chili and would like to express our appreciation. If you need anything, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you. The number of chili teams is limited to the first 24 teams from whom we receive the completed entry form.

1) Each team can have up to 4 members; free admission will be provided for listed team members only. Coolers are permitted for teams only. Teams provide their own tent cover, tables and chairs, unless prior arrangements have been made. Teams provide their own heating unit, cooking utensils, and ingredients. Water is available. Electricity is limited and requires prior arrangement. There will be a designated area for trash. Please leave your area clean.

  • Drop-off and set-up begins at 7:00 AM the day of the event or can be arranged for the night before.
  • Cooking areas must be completely set up by 10:30 AM the day of the event.
  • All vehicles must be removed from the event area by 10:00 AM. No entrant vehicles will be permitted back in the cooking area until after the event ends at 5:00 PM Teams will be notified of any changes as they occur or by contacting the committee member in charge of teams on the morning of the Cook-off. It is then that teams will receive their credentials, supplies – including a judging cup, tour the site and ask any questions.

2) Sample cups, bowls, napkins, and spoons will be provided to dispense samples to the crowd. A container will be provided for the judging sample.

3) Please keep your area clean and safe at all times. Have fun - decorate your tent and immediate area! There will be a trophy for the Best Chili Spot, decided by popular vote.

4) All teams are required to cook a minimum of 5 gallons of chili. This will include amounts for judging and the samples for the public.

  1. Chili can consist of any kind of meat, beans, vegetables or combinations thereof, if you call it Chili, we will call it Chili, however NO wild game or ROAD KILL WILL BE ALLOWED.
  2. Judges reserve the right to ask a contestant eat their own chili.
  3. Ingredients may be pre-cut, precooked or prepared prior to the event, chili can be totally prepared to be reheated.

5) Chili must be ready & presented to judging staff in supplied containers at 11:00 sharp – no exceptions. The samples are chili only – no garnishments, décor, and only in the containers provided. Your sample will be kept hot for the judges. Samples are blind-judged and there is no admission to the judging area except by committee members. Judges will vote for the winning chili based in part on the following criteria: flavor, consistency, appearance, aroma and balance of heat. The judges' decisions are final. There will also be a People's Choice Award, judged by the public.

To register your team click here!

Some small print:

All entrants will be solely responsible to meet all Virginia Health Department requirements and to abide by the laws of Virginia.All entrants are asked to see that visitors are orderly and keep the peace and to report any visitors misbehaving to designated Security volunteers.The "committee" may make additional regulations or revisions at any time.